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30 Min Response Time
30 Min Response Time
30 Min Response Time
30 Min Response Time
30 Min Response Time
30 Min Response Time
30 Min Response Time

Contact Greg's Locksmiths for All Your Tonbridge Security Needs

You might go for years without needing a locksmith. But when you do need one, the chances are you’ll want them fast. That’s why Greg's Locksmiths provides 24/7 cover in Tonbridge. Speed isn’t the only thing that matters though, competence and trustworthiness are just as important. We’ve got those covered too.

What Greg's Locksmiths Will Do for You

A professional locksmith is the person to turn to when you need to get your property re-secured after a break-in, or to get you back inside if you’re locked out. Greg's Locksmiths offers much more than just these basics though. Call us for a first-class service for any of the following:

  • Door repairs, door fitting and door installation – including uPVC door installation
  • Lock repairs
  • Broken key removal and gain entry services
  • Lock changes and fresh lock installations
  • Safe opening services
  • CCTV and access control services – including installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Emergency auto locksmith services – for mechanical and electronic vehicle door or ignition locks
  • Security grilles supply and installation

Knowing Your Work Will Be Up to Standard…

Keeping standards high is important to us. To make sure they do we check that workers are competent and that they use products from leading manufacturers:

  • All locksmiths are trained, certified and registered
  • Tradesmen who complete jobs like door fitting or repairs are skill-vetted and reference-checked
  • Specialists who undertake specific services, such as CCTV or access control installations undergo supplementary training in their field
  • Greg's Locksmiths performs regular quality control checks on all workers
  • Any products supplied that fall into a category covered by British Standards will meet current code requirements
  • Both parts and labour are guaranteed for a minimum of six months

That Your Workers Are Reputable…

Locksmiths are in a privileged position, knowing many ‘inside secrets’ about security in general. And anyone involved in installing locks or other fittings designed to keep your property safe will also have inside information about your own arrangements:

  • Greg's Locksmiths personnel undergo rigorous background vetting including Disclosures and Barring Service clearance and reference checks
  • To aid easy identification your locksmith or tradesman will arrive in a company vehicle, will be uniformed and carries ID

And That You’ll Pay a Fair Price…

  • Our customer support line is staffed round-the-clock and you’ll always get an immediate initial quote
  • When you’re planning a more complex job you can request a site visit. An expert will give you a full and final price break down at no obligation

For a Service That’s Available When You Need It

  • When you need a locksmith in Tonbridge just give us a call
  • In an emergency you’ll be offered a fast response option – your locksmith will be with you in around half an hour
  • Non-urgent appointments can be booked for any day of the week, either within or outside of normal business hours