Say Goodbye to Keys? Get Access Control in Tonbridge

Installing an access control system in Tonbridge makes maintaining security in a building that’s used by lots of people easier. It could even mean saying goodbye to keys! There are many possibilities, so this is one instance where consulting an expert – like one of the Greg's Locksmiths access control engineers – before you make any decisions will prove useful.

Tailoring Your Access Control to Your Situation

Hotels, apartment blocks, high-rise offices, or high-security warehouses are all likely to need some kind of access control. The systems that will suit each of these are likely to be very different, however. Your Greg's Locksmiths technician will help you find the best solution for your own needs. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Door entry systems – Which enable occupants of a multi-story building to let visitors in without having to come to the main door.
  • Mechanical number pads – These do away with the need for keys, as those entitled to access simply enter a code.
  • Digital number pads – Different individuals can have different codes, and locks can be reprogrammed to revoke access rights.
  • Swipe cards – Swipe cards can grant all-areas or restricted access, be time-limited, or cancelled by removing them from a database
  • Biometric systems – Offer all the advantages of swipe cards but even higher security, as unlike cards, biometric data can’t be stolen

Getting Your System Installed

  1. Book a site visit to discuss your access control requirements and get help selecting the right system
  2. When you know exactly what you need, simply call for a quote to purchase and install it
  3. Installation will be completed by specialist engineers who’ll ensure that everything is properly set up
  4. Maintenance work or emergency repair for your existing access control system is also offered

The Benefits We Offer

  • A site assessment from an engineer who’ll take the time to understand exactly what you need
  • A choice of simple or sophisticated access control systems
  • Fast response services for urgent repairs
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your service is both delivered under insurance and backed by guarantee

Find Out More

  • Call us, anytime to find out more about your options for access control in Tonbridge
  • Book a site visit for weekdays or weekends
  • Request a same-day service for emergency repairs
  • Get an initial guideline quote by phone, or request a detailed assessment and full price breakdown at no obligation