Book An Emergency Locksmith for Broken Key Removal in Tonbridge

If you’re locked out of your home, business or car you’ll want the fastest possible broken key removal service in Tonbridge. Call Greg's Locksmiths and that’s just what you’ll get.

Any Sort of Broken Key Extracted

Keys can break in any sort of lock. Your Greg's Locksmiths worker will arrive with the tools needed to remove them, and in most cases this can be done without further damage to the lock. Book this service for:

  • Keys broken in your front door, at home or at your office
  • Key removal from a mortice or multi-point lock or a Yale type mechanism
  • Extracting keys from rim or cam locks
  • To recover keys that have broken in lever locks on windows
  • Broken key extraction from vehicle door or ignition locks

Getting the Key Back and Making the Lock Serviceable

Removing the broken key is only the first stage. Some details will depend on what sort of unit you need help with, but your locksmith is generally able to do whatever’s needed to make sure you can use the door, window or locked cabinet in the future. The service proceeds as follows:

  1. Your locksmith arrives, assesses the situation and removes the broken key by the least damaging method
  2. The lock is inspected to check for underlying faults that may have contributed to the breakage
  3. Dirty mechanisms will be cleaned, dry ones oiled, loose parts tightened and other minor faults repaired on the spot
  4. When your breakage has left you without a working key, new ones can be cut
  5. If the┬álock has a major fault, is outdated, or not really strong enough for its location you’ll be advised of this

Assurances Built Into This Service

  • In an emergency situation, you’ll be offered a fast response visit
  • Your locksmith will arrive in uniform so you can identify them instantly
  • You’ll have the option of meeting at the property you’re locked out from or at a nearby safe location
  • Your repairs are guaranteed for a period of six months

Because You Don’t Want to Hang Around

  • Our customer service line is always open for quotes
  • Locksmiths work a 24/7 rota to provide cover for emergency broken key removal in Tonbridge
  • Typical call-out time in an urgent situation is around 30 minutes
  • Non-urgent broken key recovery is available seven days a week