Reliable Locksmiths for Tonbridge Lock Repairs

Before you replace a dodgy lock, check with a professional locksmith, like the experts at Greg's Locksmiths. It may well be that lock repairs in Tonbridge are a perfectly viable alternative to spending your cash on a new mechanism.

All Kinds of Lock Fixes Completed

Most sorts of locks can develop faults which can be fixed at far less expense than the cost of a new one. Your Greg's Locksmiths technician will work will any of the following:

  • Yale type locks which need a barrel replacement
  • Knob locks with dirt in the mechanism which needs to be cleaned out
  • Locks where the mechanism needs oiling
  • Locks that have become detached from the door or window as a result of a forced entry
  • Mortice or surface mounted rim locks where the screw set has worked loose and needs to be tightened, or broken and needs to be replaced

Assessing Your Lock for Repairs

When your locksmith arrives they’ll check a few things out before completing your repair. These include:

  1. Whether the lock can be returned to a safe and reliable condition
  2. The suitability of the lock for its location and intended use
  3. The cost of repairs as opposed to replacement

If the lock is very damaged, inadequate, or likely to be more expensive to repair than replace you’ll be advised of this. If you choose to replace rather than repair your locksmith will be happy to complete the job. Having said this, most locks can be repaired and often the fix is relatively quick and straightforward.

What You’re Entitled to Expect (and what we deliver!)

  • Your service will be completed by a fully trained and qualified professional
  • You’ll get an honest assessment of the condition of your faulty lock
  • Your locksmith will repair any lock that can be returned to a secure and serviceable condition
  • Any parts used for your repairs will be of good quality
  • Your service is covered by a six-month guarantee

Find Out What Your Service Will Cost

Lock repairs in Tonbridge are offered both as an emergency service which is available for booking around the clock and as a planned appointment…

  • Get a quote for either option using our 24/7 customer support line
  • In an urgent situation, your locksmith will arrive in around half an hour
  • Non-urgent bookings are accepted for weekdays or weekends