How Greg's Locksmiths Deals with a Lock Out in Tonbridge

It only takes a second and a gust of wind to blow your door shut. Or maybe you’ve returned from a night out and realised you don’t have your keys. Whatever the reason for your lock out in Tonbridge, Greg's Locksmiths delivers a 24/7 gain entry service to get you back indoors.

Wherever You Get Locked Out From

Greg's Locksmiths technicians deal with all sorts of lock-outs. That’s the emergency where you can’t get into your home or business, and the less urgent situations where you need to gain entry to your shed, garage or filing cabinet. Call us when:

  • You get to your front door and realise your keys aren’t with you
  • The lock fails and your key doesn’t release the latch
  • The door shuts on you when you just popped out
  • A key breaks in the lock
  • Locks fail in your safe or office vault
  • You lose the key to a bureau or other locked furniture

How a Gain Entry Service is Delivered

Emergency or planned, your lockout resolution service is delivered in much the same way. Your locksmith will:

  1. Get the locked door open
  2. If the lock-out was caused by a lock failure they’ll assess the mechanism to see what caused the problem
  3. Repairs will be completed if possible
  4. It a lock can’t be repaired, or if lost or stolen keys may compromise your security, you’ll be offered the option of having the lock changed
  5. In the case of lost keys that don’t pose a security risk, or after a key breakage, you can get a replacement key cut

Service and Quality Standards

  • If your lockout leaves you in stranded in a dark street you can request a meeting somewhere nearby that’s safer
  • You’ll be attended by a qualified and reference-vetted professional
  • Technicians travel in branded vehicles and wear a company uniform, so they’re easy to identify
  • Your lockout and any work arising from it will be completed in the most cost-effective way possible consistent with maintaining your security

Getting Your Service

However quickly you need your gain entry service in Tonbridge, you’ll always use the same number to get through to our customer service team:

  • You’ll get an immediate quote at no obligation
  • In an emergency, your technician will be with you in around half an hour
  • Planned services can be pre-booked for any day of the week