Get a Locked-Down Safe Open in Tonbridge

Getting your Tonbridge safe open if you’ve forgotten the combination or lost the key isn’t supposed to be easy! It is possible though, and with the right skills, tools, and a little patience the problem can generally be resolved without causing irreparable damage to the unit. The Greg's Locksmiths team includes specially trained experts for exactly this situation.

All Kinds of Vaults and Strong Boxes Opened

Use this Greg's Locksmiths service when:

  • You’ve forgotten the combination to your home wall safe
  • The key to your office vault has been misplaced
  • The bolts or motors of your floor safe are faulty and the unit won’t open
  • Your electronic┬ásafe has gone into lockdown because the incorrect combination has been used

What a Safe Cracker Can Do

If you’re expecting your safe opener to arrive with a stethoscope to listen as he turns the dial on your combination safe, you’ll probably be disappointed! However, manipulation and lock-picking are some of the techniques sometimes utilised. Other possibilities include:

  1. Using factory codes to reset a safe that’s locked down
  2. Checking batteries on electronic safes and replacing them if needed
  3. Checking for faults in wiring or chips on electronic safes
  4. ‘Bumping’ a safe to overcome jammed bolts
  5. As a method of last resort, or when you’re in a hurry – drilling out locks to get the safe open

Once the box is open, attention turns to understanding why the safe failed and establishing if it can be returned to a reliable condition. You’ll be advised on the costs and benefits of repair or replacement.

Security Standards for this Service

  • Your technician will be a carefully vetted individual of established good character
  • Safe openers receive extensive specialist training to prepare them for their work and will be both certified and registered
  • Your worker will arrive in uniform and be carrying photo identification
  • You may be asked to demonstrate your entitlement to access the safe before it’s opened for you

Organising Your Service

  • Use our central support line to request a quote for safe opening in Tonbridge
  • Go on to confirm your booking in a single call – you won’t be asked for a deposit
  • Services are available seven days a week
  • In urgent situations, it’s generally possible to offer a same-day appointment